Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mark Seliger, Photo Assistant Position

In a down economy, dream jobs like this don't come up too often:


Currently, there is an opportunity to work fulltime as a first photo
assistant for Mark Seliger, one of the most well-respected and
successful editorial and portrait photographers in the photo industry
today. For over 25 years Mark Seliger has remained on the forefront
of the celebrity portraiture and fashion industries as he shoots
regularly for GQ, Vanity Fair, Italian Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue and others.

Who we are looking for:
We are looking for a seasoned assistant (minimum two years of
consistent NYC-quality assisting) with an upbeat and enthusiastic
attitude and a strong work ethic. All candidates must possess the
ability to operate effectively and efficiently under high-pressure
photo assisting situations. In order to do this you need be highly
organized and able to multi-task effectively during heavy shooting
periods. Also, your ability to adapt to an ever-changing and highly
demanding work schedule is imperative for success.

Time commitment:
We are looking for a minimum of a two-year commitment following an
eight-month training period.

Skill sets needed for the position:
-Experience using the following analog and digital camera systems:
Canon and Nikon digital 35mm systems, Hasselblad medium format camera
system using PhaseOne digital backs, Mamiya RZ, Pentax 67, and the
Sinar 4x5 and 8x10 large format systems.

-Substantial experience in teching, rating, and developing film.

-A strong background in using all types of grip equipment as well as
the ability to manage the power needs of large-scale location and
studio jobs.

-A high level of technical studio and location lighting experience
using Profoto, Dynalite, and Briese lights and light shaping tools.

-Proficiency in traditional black and white printing.

-Must have a great deal of experience using Photoshop (for retouching
and workflow management) as well as Capture One.

-International travel experience (i.e. use of a equipment carnet) as a
photo assistant, as well as valid passport + driver’s license.

Responsibilities of the Full Time Assistants:
The responsibilities outlined below are split between the full time
First and Second Assistants:
-Photoshoot Preproduction: creating equipment budgets, scouting shoot
locations, placing equipment orders, building assistant team, and
loading and teching film.
-Managing photo equipment rentals as well as overseeing and approving
all photo-related billing/purchases.
-Onset management of crew, delegation of tasks, and working with Mark
-Post-production: scanning negatives, retouching and compositing
images, and overseeing post-production (working as a liaison between
Mark and client as well as retouching company and client).
-You will be responsible for the organization and maintenance of
Mark’s extensive array of photographic, digital and camera equipment
(including shoot computers), as well as our in-house studio and
darkrooms. This includes finding creative solutions to everyday
photographic needs (including the organization or development of new
or existing equipment packages).

Compensation is salary based and highly competitive. Benefits offered
for this position include: overtime weekend day rates, health care +
dental package, partial cell phone reimbursement, use of dedicated
studio laptop and desktop (brand new), business-class upgrades on all
applicable flights, among others.

If you meet the criteria outline above, and are interested in learning
more about this position, please contact Patrick Randak at

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