Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dallas SPE | Special Pre-Conference Event

Special Pre-conference Event at the National SPE

SPE Special pre-conference event featuring Barbara Crane and her work this year. SPE members wishing to attend this event will need to adjust travel plans accordingly and sign up by calling SPE's national office before the end of January. The event is not included on the conference registration form - reservations can only be made by calling SPE's national office 216-622-2733.

If there are not enough reservations this event maybe cancelled.

Where: The Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth

Date: Wednesday March 25, 2009 - the day before SPE's 46th annual conference in Dallas

Times: 2pm - bus to Amon Carter departs the Fairmont Hotel-Dallas (bus costs flat rate of $10 - cash or check on site please - for one-way or round trip)

3-5pm - view Barbara Crane exhibition and tour Amon Carter collection visit the Modern Art Museum-Fort Worth (free admission on Wednesdays!), the Kimbell Art Museum, and/or the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame - all within walking distance from the Amon Carter

5pm - lecture by Barbara Crane: It’s a Click I Belong To

6pm - reception at Amon Carter

7pm - (approx.) bus departs for return to Fairmont Hotel-Dallas (people who come straight to Fort Worth from the airport can store their luggage at Amon Carter and can take the return bus back to Dallas for the same flat rate of $10)

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