Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gallery (106) | Mars Attacks Fragonard

Mars Attacks Fragonard!

From September 12 to October 4, the Calvin College Art Department presents an exhibition of artwork at the (106) South Division Gallery entitled "Mars Attacks Fragonard!" by artist Vanessa Vobis.

She writes, "I am interested in things overlooked that exist in a slightly distorted world. Recent projects draw from ecology and reflect my enchantment with tide pools, aquariums, zoos, forests, rain forests, botanical gardens, Eden, greenhouses, islands, and coral reefs. We create our own realities, part fact with a lot of fiction, and we manufacture our own landscapes."

Reception and Gallery Hop on Friday, October 3 at 6-11pm
•Click to see Map of Galleries and Trolley Route.

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