Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ACTIVESITE | Friday, Oct. 3

ACTIVESITE has secured the Federal Building (the former home of Grand Rapids Art Museum), for our next event on Friday October 3rd 2008.

Furthermore, ACTIVESITE has been asked to participate in the 21st International Sculpture Conference held in Grand Rapids the weekend of October 2-4, 2008 [6-11pm].

So what exactly does this mean anyway? The ISC typically only holds events in larger markets like NY, LA, Seattle, London, Tokyo... you get the idea. However, due to the acclaim of Frederick Meijer Garden, the new Grand Rapids Art Museum, as well as the new JW Marriott; the ISC has decided to afford Grand Rapids this wonderful opportunity for our burgeoning city.

In short... this is HUGE for Grand Rapids and ACTIVESITE!

Artists participating from UICA, Kendall College of Art & Design, Grand Valley State University, Aquinas College, Calvin College, Hope College, Western Michigan University and the NYC School of Visual Arts.

Soundscape provided by Dj's Shannon Williams, Brandon Hill, Jarrett Wallace, and Jenny B.

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