Thursday, January 20, 2011

UICA Show: Beacons

There's a great show at the UICA right now. Checke it out!!

January 14–February 13
Opening Reception: January 14, 6–9 PM
Winter in West Michigan is a season of shortened days, grey skies and long, dark nights. This exhibition embraces winter's darkness and showcases the light that artists can bring to bear upon this often bleak time of year. Featuring over 30 artists, Beacons’ luminous artwork showcases film and video projections, light installations, sound installations, images and objects.

Artists include: Michelle Acuff, Dave Beck, Benjamin Bellas, Collin Bradford, Tiffany Carbonneau, Kia Carscallen, Hunter Cole, Annica Cuppetelli, Yi Joanna Dai, Mary Rachel Fanning, Adam Farcus, Tannaz Farsi, Laura Foster, Mahlon Huston, Louise Kames, Marina Kelly, Geoffrey Krawczyk, Richard Krueger, Robin Mandel, Evan Mann, Cristobal Mendoza, Daniel Olsen, Brian Peters, Nicole Pietrantoni, Randy Polumbo, Meghan Reynard, Alex Schlegel, Michael Sirianni, Ben Skinner, Scott Stibich, Annie Strader, Adam Trowbridge, Briana Trudell, Renee van der Stelt, & Jessica Westbrook.

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