Sunday, December 20, 2009

Submit your work to Flak Photo

Flak Photo is a daily photography website that celebrates the art & culture of photography online. Produced by Andy Adams, the site highlights new series work, book projects and gallery exhibitions from an international community of contributors.


An online gallery and social media magazine, Flak Photo provides unique opportunities for artists and photography organizations to share their work with a community of photographers, galleries, publishers, curators and editors. To submit your work for consideration, email your photograph (sRGB JPG format, minimum 1000px wide) with title and caption details to Please include the following information with your submission:

  • Title
  • Place of capture, including city, state / province and country (if applicable)
  • Year
  • Is the image part of a series that's available online? What's the URL?
  • Your website URL

Naturally, photographers retain all copyright on submitted materials. Contributors are formally credited and Flak Photo's style is to link the credit to a contributor's website.

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