Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gallery(106) | Beyond Sprawl - New Forms of Development in Grand Rapids

From November 7-26, the Calvin College Department of Art and Art History presents an exhibition of new development plans at the (106) South Division Gallery entitled "Beyond Sprawl – New Development in Grand Rapids." This show is held in conjunction with the exhibition "A Field Guide to Sprawl - text by Dolores Hayden, Photographs by Jim Wark," hosted at the Center Art Gallery at Calvin College from November 14 to December 20.

Beyond Sprawl features many examples of urban redevelopment, as well as greenfield, brownfield, and infill development projects that seek to reconnect community and move beyond sprawl. Many of these current concepts are derived from traditional urban practices that have been lost over the years. Pieces of these urban practices can be seen in the example of the 1923 Grand Rapids City Plan that featured: urban blocks with internal parking, pedestrian friendly spaces, and high density housing.

Some of the projects included in this exhibition are: a proposed infill development next to 106 South Division Ave. by Calvin College Pre-Architecture students, a greenfield development at Knapp St. and Leffingwell Ave. by Mosaic Properties, a co-housing project near Belknap Park, a brownfield development at Diamond Ave. and Lake Dr. by Bazzani Associates, and a proposed urban redevelopment at Wealthy St. and Jefferson Ave. by Inner City Christian Federation.

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